Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sighh Designs & Dead Sea Jewellery

Sunday, 12 October 2014

I've found myself shopping online a lot more recently, mostly due to the fact I'm just too lazy to go into town. Of course, I visit the web pages of nearly every high street shop there is - H&M, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, New Look, Miss Selfridge being some of my favourites - but I really wanted to share two online purchases I made recently from smaller online stores that i have fallen completely in love with. 

Sighh Designs - I have been eyeing up Polly's phone cases for absolutely ages. I first discovered her shop through her Instagram (which I'm also obsessed with) and ever since have been wanting to make a purchase. The only thing which was putting me off was that they were £14, which actually isn't that bad considering ones from UO are roughly the same price. The problem was I had just been so used to getting cheap ones from Ebay, but now I realise that they were cheap for a reason! This phone case is such good quality and can we just talk about the print? HOW cute!? I am super excited for Polly to release even more products (right now she only sells the phone cases and pocket mirrors) because her designs are absolutely gorgeous.

Dead Sea Jewellery - This shop I actually discovered through Polly's Instagram as well (I really am obsessed) and I was amazed at how cheap the prices of all the jewellery was. This beautiful Amethyst Druzy Ring was just £10 which is pretty good for jewellery, especially comparing it to some shops on Etsy which are ridiculously overpriced. The ring arrived within a week and came in a little cute box, all in perfect condition and I am more than pleased with the way the ring looks. This store seem to always be releasing new products and I already have a little wishlist of more things I want to order.

Do you have any online stores that you love?  Please let me know in the comments :-)


  1. Love your new purchases.

  2. Hey sug, I found you on the weekly feature from Maria I! I thought it was pretty cool to meet some one with a name similar to my own. Actually your name is spelled exactly like my older cousins. Nice to meet you! I love your purchase and your blog!

    1. Wow that's amazing you and you're older cousin have the same name, i've never met somebody with our name haha! Thank you so much :) x

  3. Great finds! I've been looking for a new phone case and so far I haven't found one that I really like. I'll definitely have to take a look at all of the ones on Sighh Designs' website. Based on the one you bought, I'm sure they're all so pretty. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I'm so in love with your ring!!!! <3



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